Streak did not take all trades as talked about in backtest – #4 by Krishnendu -…


I’ve created a algo which generated 2 trades on seventh Jan [Backtest]

CE Commerce

PE Commerce

*{test remark 1 as new person can solely put up 1 picture}*

Now after I ran the algo in actual market, it generated consequence like following

{test remark 2 as new person can solely put up 1 picture}

As you may see, there are 2 main problem

  1. No PE trades had been taken. Which is surprising.

2: CE Commerce must be exited resulting from exit situation met however they didn’t. As a substitute they obtained auto sq. off at 3:25. Although, that labored in my favor however this isn’t proper.

Any concept what would have gone incorrect?

For PE, I didn’t get any notification. So, does for CE. I solely get 1 notification on seventh. To make a purchase name.

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