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Good day All,

Apologies for reduntant query…

So that is the first time I’m filling up the ITR and I’m getting confused lots

My supply of earnings is: Wage(so Type 16) and Capital Good points(long run and brief time period)

My funding are in LIC, ELSS, NPS and one well being factor

So my question is and likewise appropriate me if I’m fallacious:

  1. Which ITR do I must replenish (I believe ITR-2)?
  2. if I take advantage of quickoand replenish the ITR-2 kind what are it fees(looks like for ITR-1 it’s free)?
  3. If I take advantage of quicko does it create an account in incometax (the official govt web site) the place my paperwork will out there as and when it’s wanted??
  4. If I take advantage of incometax(the official gove web site), how do I must add my funding(Capital Good points and Type-16) that means is it automated or do I must replenish all of the issues manually??

Thank You

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