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Hi there @Mounica37,

LAS loans require you to service simply the rate of interest relevant on a month on month foundation. There isn’t a idea of EMI relevant to LAS loans. For instance, in case you have borrowed Rs.2,50,000/- at an rate of interest of 10.5%, then the every day rate of interest is –

10.5% / 365
= 0.0287%

The every day curiosity quantity is –

0.0287% * 2,50,000
= ₹71.91/-

So for a month with 30 days, the curiosity quantity relevant is –

71.91 * 30
= ₹2,157.534

You may click on on the hyperlink given under to verify your loans ledger.

Ledger: Kite – Zerodha’s fast and elegant flagship trading platform

Do go to the FAQ section to study extra about LAS.

Apologies for the delay in response.

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