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hello @Arockiya_Raja @Sensibull
Connected is one other incidence of heavy drag on the browser.

I had closed Kite tab, solely “3 sensibull possibility chain” tabs are open with one other inactive tab which consumes abt 150 MB of reminiscence, no CPU load
This has loaded my RAM, ~25% CPU on firefox.

@Sensibull , imagine you people might have already examined and efficiency is bench marked on completely different browsers.
Any concept why am dealing with this problem with solely KITE/SENSIBULL again and again (once more… firefox is the browser)
Its actually irritating that response after a tab-click is after3-4 minutes. Undecided whats taking place right here.

Please test the beneath snapshot

Any reply from @Sensibull is appreciated.
Anyway zerodha doesnt present the choice chain and all the time level to you guys. Dont know why they do this?

Does zerodha consider efficiency of a product provided to its buyer earlier than on-boarding?



Right this moment is 17-DEC-2021
hello @Sensibull , undecided if these messages are reaching you, are you checking at your finish or am simply shouting to the sky
Another occasion as we speak with JUST 2 Tabs in firefox
(I needed to kill firefox because it bought HIJACKED by sensibull possibility chain tabs)

Thanks when you have taken discover
Else silly me!

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