How can I convert(Steps) bodily SGB bought from HDFC Financial institution to Zerodha…

Verifying margin shortfall penalty from NSE - #16 by Hardeep - General -...

@Sage90210 thanks for sharing your expertise which helped me to unravel the identical difficulty with AXIS financial institution .

Like talked about above it’s no miracle. Simply go to the appropriate individual ( finest in the event you straight meet the department supervisor/ operations head) . Inside 20mins my request was thought of and I needed to submit the under paperwork

Aadhar, Pan, CMR, SGB Certificates and a self written letter for conversion to demat .

Because it’s a really least requested service within the financial institution the executives are unaware on the identical. However when reached out to the department head they understood it in a single go and guided effectively. It would take 30-45 working days for the conversion from bodily certificat to Demat .

PS – don’t forget to take an acknowledgement mail or letter from the department as a proof of initiating and submitting the paperwork.

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