Govt mandates 6 Air luggage in each automobile (carrying upto 8 passengers.) -…

Verifying margin shortfall penalty from NSE - #16 by Hardeep - General -...

Normally, I’m actually cautious of regulation that alters free-market pricing in any type, however on this one, I believe it’s an excellent transfer.

India is the Highway Accident Capital of the world, we actually do drive like mad folks with no look after Human life.

A median of 450,000 accidents happen in India yearly, wherein 150,000 folks die. That’s one Loss of life each 4 minutes. With out even factoring in how many individuals get severely handicapped and expertise a diminished high quality of life after these accidents. Add these numbers over time and COVID pales as compared as to wreck performed to Life and property.

Airbags in each take a look at ever performed, have proven to carry down fatalities by atleast 50%. This quantity will get even higher when paired with Seatbelts, taking the fatalities right down to 64%.

What concerning the Bikers? Effectively, they’re using bikes for a motive anyway.

If Indians wouldn’t drive correctly, it is sensible to return down laborious on them with the regulatory hammer and save them from themselves. What use is expertise if it isn’t doing what it was invented for?

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