Disastrous Interview by Paytm administration on CNBC – #12 by MarginCaller -…

Disastrous Interview by Paytm management on CNBC  - #11 by SMIFS_LIMITED -...

I occurred to see the interview as we speak. Goodness me. After watching the interview, it left me questioning whether or not I needs to be empathetic to Prashanth Jain of CNBC or the conceitedness and highhandedness of the CEO.

I watch CNBC TV each day and by no means heard an interview like this, hats off to CNBC to telecast this interview the place the administration ridiculed, belittled Prashanth Jain questions. The CEO was like a Bigg Boss Contestant (Hindi Model), interrupting and his intention was to ridicule nearly all of the questions.

Though Prashanth was roasted on his seat, I simply discovered the CEO response was like a media correspondent of a political get together. He goes to the extent of claiming “what sort of query is that this”, if individuals such as you ask these questions, then the enterprise mannequin shouldn’t be clearly understood by others. When requested when they may become profitable his reply was when enterprise will increase or one thing on this line.

Felt disgusted after seeing this interview, the conceitedness, the “too large to fail” form of shit. He was reminding Prashanth to go and examine the anchor buyers who had invested in his firm.

All this coming from a CEO of the largest IPO which flopped very badly and received most unhealthy press. On prime of this his conceitedness.

Hope all the anchor buyers watch this interview and to resolve whether or not he needs to be giving interviews sooner or later or not. He’s greatest match to take a seat behind a desk and order his workers round.

I’m so comfortable I’m not a shareholder of those high-handed duds…

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